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NVFL Congres

Yesterday our 5th podcast was recorded! One of a kind episode we did on location at the NVFL online convention. Several speakers of the lectures also participated in the podcast in addition to ranks from the association. More than 300! Therapists watched live during this convention. Soon the NVFL will have the first time sharing this episode on all socials and other channels.

Listen to the podcast here:

Thanks for all speakers for their participation: Maarten Beek Erasmus MC Jaak Burgers Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Marieke Rinkema Reade Instituut Voor Reumatologie En Revalidatie Theo Ruitenbeek #ipthope #BasvandeWeg Revant medisch specialistische revalidatie

Thank you Natascha Plate, Michelle Verseveld, Karin Weijer-Slag and Joeri Gilissen from the NVFL Dutch Association for Physiotherapy within Lymphology and Oncology for the pleasant cooperation.

And thank you technician #Lidewij and Adriaan Ruesink of the Ikazia Ziekenhuis Rotterdam for all the help!

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